Who We Are.

Smart Living Company brings IoT device and technology led solutions to consumers and enterprises alike, impacting everyday living like Security, Safety, Healthcare, Energy Management and Mobility.

Our services, personalized commerce and new lifestyle experiences are delivered via connected devices, unified app experience and cloud based platform.


Our Story

Since 2011

Smart Living Company is creating technologies since 2011. Simplifying and improving lives through an integrated network of intelligent devices that will continuously learn from consumer behavior and usage.

We are doing this through rapid prototyping of IoT devices and services to address growing needs for smart solutions.

Our Commitment

Connect - Secure - Control

✓ Solutions for a Smarter Living Experience
✓ Technology that Drives Business Transformation and Growth

✓ Smart Technology for Smarter Lifestyles


Smart Solutions Company


Smart Living Company is providing solutions to make life simple, connected and fully automated. We create smart living environments that include modern security systems, tracking devices and automobile automation.
Smart Living Company brings together an integrated and digital infrastructure that makes each of our solutions a robust and comprehensive package. Each of our products commits to secure and simplify your world in the smart and connected world of today.
With the complete automation of homes, buildings and automobiles, users get an increased efficiency, lower operational costs and reduced environmental footprint. It helps to keep people on the move and create a smart infrastructure.



Smart Living Company is committed to create smart living environments that promise more comfort, convenience, peace of mind and fun for customers. We offer a wide range of residential solutions that enable you to create smart homes of every size and budget with anywhere / anytime accessibility, centralized control, environment and health monitoring, intelligent intruder detection, and real time alerts.

  • Smart Security
  • Automated Operation
  • Real Time Monitoring
Enterprise Solutions



Technology that drives business transformation and growth

Modern businesses require a higher level of scalability, performance and flexibility to adapt to the changing industry trends. Our enterprise model consists of three independent solutions offering businesses smart and automated control, secure connectivity, real time monitoring, data aggregation, and analytics.

  • Telematics solution for automobiles
  • Smart security solution
  • Smart energy management solution