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Smart Living Residential Tablet

Home Automation System

Turn Your House Into A Smart Home

✓ Control the entire home – right from lighting, ambience, security to entertainment with one smart app
✓ Unified, easy to use interface to manage different devices
✓ Remote control of lights, locks, air conditioners and more
✓ Personalized home entertainment experience
✓ Easy setup of automated actions around your lifestyle
✓ Smart lighting that changes as per time and occupancy
✓ Energy efficient climate control

Smart Security For A Safer Home

Remote monitoring with smart cameras and applications to keep homes secure at all time.

✓ Comprehensive security for home and complex areas

✓ In home Wi-Fi cameras with advanced video capturing features

✓ Smart doorbell that’s connected via WiFi giving all time access to any guest on the door

✓ Smart lock that can be controlled remotely

✓ Radio frequency identification for all entry/exit for parking and visitor access

Environmental solutions

Environmental And Healthcare Solutions

Create healthier living spaces with automated home environment monitoring.

✓ Detection of smoke, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases

✓ Monitoring for any kind of gas leakage with automatic shutdown based on Solonoid valve

✓ Instant notifications in case of emergency and exceptions in routine patterns

✓ Real-time and historical status of health via smart bands, BP monitors and glucometers

✓ Easy connectivity with local and preferred healthcare centers

Entertainment On Your Fingertips

Smart connectivity to enjoy unlimited entertainment from different channels with a personalized experience.

✓ Complete wireless experience to connect to any entertainment portal anywhere in the house

✓ Multiple options to integrate home entertainment system with other devices

✓ Synchronization of smartphones with home entertainment system wirelessly

✓ Direct play of audio and video on smart TVs